To Dream – Perchance to Sleep

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We all dream on a regular basis. Usually we do not remember much of the dream after waking up, at best we keep in our memory a fuzzy feeling or some fleeting images. Dreams, if remembered better and taken seriously, could enrich our lives and help us to better understand what our unconscious self knows and needs to communicate to our conscious self. The Viennese sleep and dream researcher Brigitte Holzinger has developed her sleep coaching method to overcome sleep disorders and find a way back to healthy sleep. Her sleep coaching program is based on the mindset of Gestalt and includes elements of sleep education, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy and dream work. In sleep coaching, dream work constitutes the element that helps us in the long term. Working with dreams is extremely fascinating but also very complex, which is why this book is dedicated to understanding that fourth element of sleep coaching: the dream. Roaming through the world of dreams, Brigitte Holzinger will show the reader- how we can better remember dreams- how we can interview our dreams- how we bring our dreams into everyday life- how dreams can guide us- how we can deal with nightmares- how we can learn to dream lucidly.Suggestive examples illustrate how dream work can strengthen our understanding of ourselves, our creativity and intuition. In addition, this book also shows how past and foreign cultures used to deal with dreams and informs us about sleep and dream research around the globe. The acclaimed Gestalt therapist and author Bud Feder has contributed some insights to complete this book and help create a path that the reader will follow through these pages and which will take them deeper and deeper into creativity and an intuitive understanding of the dream world.


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