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Webinar “Dream Deep – lucid, part 2”

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Dreams inspire, they promote our creativity and offer insights into our unconscious selves. In this webinar, Dr. Brigitte Holzinger sheds light on why dreams not only fascinate and inspire, but also provide important support in promoting our mental and physical health.

Topics of the Webinar:

  • Basic knowledge of dreams, nightmares and lucid dreams
  • How to better remember dreams (DreamSenseMemory method)
  • Methods of dream work in psychoanalysis / Jungian analysis / in gestalt therapy / in psychodrama / in constellation work – demonstration planned
  • Basics to overcome nightmares
  • Lucid dreaming basics and areas of application

Through a step-by-step approach and deepening of the knowledge about the dream, the webinar participants are introduced to the dream worlds so that they can be better understood and their often-cryptic messages can be felt more intuitively. Nightmare coping methods are explained.


  • Where is my lucidity?
  • Continuing the dialog between the I and the Self
  • Nightmares?
  • More steps towards lucidity
  • How can I live more creativity?

The lecturer is Dr. Brigitte Holzinger herself.


Price: € 350,- Early booking until 2 weeks prior to beginning: € 330,-