The concept Sleepcoaching has been first presented to the public in 2014 in the book by Brigitte Holzinger and Gerhard Klösch „Schlafcoaching | Wer wach sein will, muss schlafen“. Since then the concept has been cited in many medical journals and is also the topic of many others publications by Brigitte Holzinger and Gerhard Klösch. Due to the success of this methodology for treating sleep disorders, the Medical University of Vienna incorporated the course in their program. Brigitte Holzinger and Gerhard Klösch themselves are Head of the department.

Brief description

Students who successfully graduated in the course "Sleep-Coaching" are qualified to consulting activities on sleep as well as providing information and assistance in the treatment-planning of sleeping disorders and execution of non-pharmacological or psychological treatment approaches for sleeping disorders (e.g. sleep-education, elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy, professional conversation and nightmare-management). On the one hand, this course procures knowledge of basic fundamentals in psychology and pathology of sleep (neurological, psychiatric, internistic, age-specific). And on the other hand, a further focus is to be a stimulus for own research in the fields of sleep and dream research.

Target group

This course is addressed to physicians, non-medical personnel and psychologists, psychotherapists and representatives of any helping professions who have already a successful completion of a post-secondary degree or an equivalent non-academic training and experience in sleep-medicine.

Entry requirements

  • a university degree or equivalent from a recognized domestic or foreign post- secondary educational institution successfully completed a degree in the amount of at least 180 ECTS in medicine, psychology, nursing, sociology, nutrition science, pharmacy.
  • a bachelor’s / master’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences in physical therapy, biomedical science, working organization and human resource management.
  • a completed master program in Public Health.
  • a successfully completed psychotherapist's training and inclusion in the register of psychotherapists.

Admission of non-academics is subject to the following conditions:

  • a university entrance qualification (see § 64 UG) and
  • at least 5 years of professional experience in the areas of child- and adolescent medicine (e.g. kindergarten teachers), elderly care, activity in a sleeping- laboratory or similar institution or health- and nursing staff with diploma and at least 5 years of professional experience.

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