Trainings, seminars and conferences

Since more than 20 years Dr. Brigitte Holzinger researches on different topics of psychotherapy. Not only has she published a lot of books and scientific sheets to share the profound knowledge she has gained, but also she regularly shares her conclusions, her knowledge and answer to questions one might have during conferences and seminars, which she can hold in both languages, English or German.

The length varies from 1 to 2 days according to the topic. Coaching can be in group or individual.

Main topics

How to be fit through healthy sleep


  • Correlation between health and sleep
  • What are the effects of sleep disorder?
  • Basic measures against sleep disorder
  • Sleep and job: the sleep pattern in the daily context
  • For Enterprises we offer to organize the shifts o the employees in order to increase their efficiency
  • Dreams and dream-work to access to a healthier sleep
Dream and lucid dream

Goals of the seminar:
Acquiring the basic knowledge about dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams and dream-work. First steps of therapy to nightmares

Seminar content:
What happens to the body while we dream?
Dreams in psychoanalysis, in the analysis of Jung, in the Gestalt-Therapy and in the psychodrama. Role playing in the therapy incl. demonstration.
Definition of lucid dreams, about how/when they can help and how the technique can be learned.

How to face public

Communication during interviews: which effect will my language and behavior have on the public?


  • TV, Radio, newspapers seen from the point of view of an insider
  • The interview
  • Basics of language
  • The language of the medias
  • The Outfit – the first impression is a lasting one
  • Stage fright – part of the effect
  • Optional: visiting a TV studio

Training the techniques:
Video training
Communication- and training the repartee
Expression complicated topics in a simple way
How to prepare statements
How to use few and concise words
Speaking and breathing
Role playing games

Joy and efficiency in health


  • Overcoming addictions (for example cigarettes
  • Healthy sleep
  • Burnout- and Stress: how to overcome it (medical equipment to analyze and confirm results)
Techniques of necociation and solving conflict

If within the family, friends, working place, or in public: wherever we meet people, we will be confronted to negotiations which can lead to conflicts.


  • Non verbal communication
  • Passive/Aggressive Rhetoric
  • Helplessness; aggression, conflict: a classic road to escalation
  • How to listen
  • How to assert against others without aggression or manipulation
Crisis management

How to behave and deal with the Medias during a crisis?
This seminar is held by Dr. Holzinger together with Andrew Hill. As a journalist having worked as war correspondent he will explain about his experience.

  • About the situations that people get confronted with
  • About the way medias feel, understand and transmit what they see and hear

Dr. B. Holzinger analyzes further:

  • How to deal with the shocking situations before even thinking of the next step, which is
  • How to communicate with the media?
  • Which behavior and words will lead to the feeling you want to transmit?
  • The spoken word vs. non verbal communication.