Psychotherapy - Method of Healing

Psychotherapy is an independent method of healing in the health sector for the treatment of behavioural disorders and other ailments that are caused by mental, psychosocial or psychosomatic factors.

It is as recognized as other healing methods, such as medical or clinical-psychological treatment. Since 1991, the practice of psychotherapy is regulated by law. (Law of Psychotherapy, BGBI Nr. 361/1990, see also psyonline).
Psychotherapy occurs in the relationship between the psychotherapist and the patient. The term "Psychotherapy" originates from Ancient Greek and originally means to support the whole person, therefore to heal, to care for and to form his soul, his mind and his living energy.

There are different psychotherapeutic methods (see also psyonline) and, therefore, not only one kind of psychotherapy.

My method is Gestalt therapy. Here I work with relaxation techniques, family sculpting, techniques of behaviour therapy, and especially roleplays and dreamwork.
Settings: Single, couple, groups
Languages: German and English