And the related sleep disorders

Very often burnout is at the origin of sleep disorders.

Many of us tend to identify themselves with their jobs, the give it spirit, mind, soul… The job has become the motor of our daily life and the most important source of satisfaction and well being. It can comfort our ego at a nearly euphoric level. This is how the burnout spiral starts to rise.

The constant increase of our efficiency is an illusion and can make us fall from very high, which then can be very painful. In order to avoid that danger it is important to be able to evaluate at which moment the downfall threatens to start: when does delight transform into frustration, euphoria into indifference and boredom?

The happiness correlated to our job has pushed us beyond our limit to resist to stress – as well on a physical, psychological and socio-family level. We forgot the needs of other nature than job and those claim now violently for attention.


Recognize the limit, learn how to remedy to the effect and find the right balance between job and private life – feel free to live.

What are the first symptoms and how to face them?

See where the spiral starts to turn, see how I turn in it, not how it makes me turn: get into control.

The 12 different levels of BURNOUT

Burn-out StadienAccording to Freudenberg and North (1992)
Source: Marx, R. (2004): Burnout in Brosch R. & Mader R.: Sucht und Suchttherapie, Verlag Lexis Nexis ARD Orag

  • Level 1: the need to prove itself
  • Level 2: show more commitment
  • Level 3: more and more ignore its own needs
  • Level 4: repression of the conflicts that surround us and the own needs
  • Level 5: redefine moral values
  • Level 6: more and more repression of problems that occured
  • Starting with Level 7 the symptoms are near a pathologic level
  • Level 7: withdrawal
  • Level 8: noticeable change of behavior
  • Level 9: loss of the ability to recognize its own personality
  • Level 10: feeling of emptiness
  • Level 11: depression and exhaustion
  • Level 12: Burnout and total exhaustion

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