The Institute

Institut für Bewusstseins- und Traumforschung

The Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research is committed to the scientific, therapeutic, and spiritual exploration of dreams and dreaming. Sleep and consciousness – brother and sister of the dream – accompany the dream and the events of the institute.

The institute dedicates itself to the fields of consciousness, dreams, lucid dreams, and sleep. Activities include research projects, presentations and symposia psychotherapy, media work, CDs, books and films.


Dr. Brigitte Holzinger Dr. Brigitte Holzinger

Dr. Brigitte Holzinger

Director of the Institute

Dr. Brigitte Holzinger offers the possibility of clarifying and treating non-organic sleep disorders. The focus here is on the treatment of fear and nightmares through Gestalt and behaviour therapy as well as treatment of sleep disorders without medication (relaxation techniques, sleep restrictions, autogenic training) in private and group sessions.

Mag. Dr. Brigitte Holzinger was born in Vienna, studied psychology in Vienna and California (Stanford), is a psychotherapist for integrative Gestalt therapy, supervisor, clinical and health psychologist. Research and study of “Sleep, Dream, and Lucid Dreaming” and “Gestalt Therapy” at Webster University and the University of Innsbruck. Accreditation in somnology by the ESRS.

Coaching, supervision, and training in businesses and public institutions on the subjects of burnout and wellness, rhetoric and communication, team development and body language. Psychotherapist and supervisor in an independent practice.

Numerous publications, film director in the documentation sector. Management of the Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research. Languages: German and English.

Gerhard Klösch Gerhard Klösch

Gerhard Klösch


For more than ten years, Gerhard Klösch has worked with the phenomena of sleep and dreams. Scientific staff member since 1989 in the sleep laboratories (University Clinic of Vienna).
Since 1993, research has focused on the clinical application of activity measuring by means of actigraphy for the diagnosis of sleep/wake cycle disorders.


Diagnosis and therapy of insomnia, hypersomnia, disorders of the sleep-wake cycle, and parasomnia (primarily fear and nightmares). Extensive clinical and psychological diagnoses; testing of vigilance and attention (for the diagnosis and treatment of fatigue during the day), evaluation of the sleep-wake cycle with the help of a sleep diary and actigraphy (continuous activity measurements), Pulse oximetry (used to measure oxygen saturation in blood - diagnostic aid for obstructive sleep apnea).

Technical Equipment

Computer tests for activity recording (vigilance, reaction time); actigraphy (for outpatient examination of the sleep/wake cycle; sleep masks (REM glasses) for examining REM/non-REM sleep and to learn about lucid dreaming (for example for therapy of fear and nightmares).


Psychologists and psychotherapists. Through close cooperation with the sleep laboratories of the University Clinic, Vienna, the institute also has access to a number of specialists for psychiatry, paediatrics, neurology, and pneumology.